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Conversations with Hippies IV

Ringing through groceries at the Organics store...
Me: I'm thinking about going into graphic and web design.
Customer: Oh you'll do well in herbology!
Me: *Thinking somehow customer has misheard graphic design as herbology...* No, no, I said design, but herbology sounds nice too.
Customer: Oh yes, I heard you, but I know you'd make a great herablist.
Me: How do you know that?
Customer: Oh I just know *sly look, waves and leaves*.

AHHHHHHH! Moving to Portland!!

There will be trees! And cuddling! And an over-abundance of hipsters! And trees!

I will hopefully be there by the end of next weekend, but we’ll see how it goes.

Conversations with Hippies III

Conversation between two regular customers at the Organics store...
Regular #1: Hey, excuse me, have you ever been to an Energy Healer?
Regular #2: No, but I'm pretty open-minded...
Regular #1: Yeah, because I just got a message. I think you're supposed to go see my friend. She's an Energy Healer.
Regular #2: Okay...
Regular #1: Yeah, like, I just think it's so weird that we both happened to be here at the same time. And then I got a message! *gestures upwards towards the universe or something*
Regular #1: Here, take her card, I think she could really help you. You know some energy healers they just mess with your field.
Regular #2: Right, okay, thank you.
Regular #1: Kay! So nice meeting you! I'm glad I got that message! *leaves*
Regular #2: ...Crazy hippies.

Conversations with Hippies II

Meanwhile at the Organics store…
Customer: My Naturopath told me to stop drinking milk.
Customer: I’ve been seeing a Chinese Herbalist.
Customer: Oh sorry, I didn’t catch that, I was just blissing out after my hot yoga class.
Customer: Soy is bad for you.
Customer: Milk is bad for you.
Customer: Wheat is bad for you.
Customer: Meat is bad for you.
Customer: *sets down 10 pounds of ginger on counter* My Herbalist told me that I need to eat more ginger because ginger warms the body and soul.
Customer: I’m in a rush, I need to get to my hot yoga class in 5 minutes.
Customer: Do you carry Raspberry Ketones? Dr.Oz says they’re great.
Customer: Got any Raspberry Ketones?
Customer: DR.OZ. Also Raspberry Ketones.
Customer: DR.OZ.
Customer: Where can I find no-sodium salt?
Customer: Is this 100% whole wheat bread gluten-free?
Customer: Dr.Oz.

Conversations with Hippies

Whilst in the break room of the Organics store...
Hippie: So. How are your feelings today? Are you happy?
Me: Oh yeah, I'm good! Besides that hour today that our debit system was down and customers decided it was my fault.
Hippie: So you've been pressured with lots of negative auras then haven't you?
Me: Um, well yeah I guess so.
Hippie: *Circles his hand around my head in some strange shamanistic gesture*
Hippie: *Turns and walks away*
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2 days off :)

But strangest weather! Every time I grabbed my jacket to go for a walk today, the clouds would roll in and it would either rain, hail, or blizzard. MAKE UP YO DAMN MIND CALGARY!

About to make an attempt at creating sushi rolls. 

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